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The purpose of the study is to understand fans’ attitudes about the Impact of Women in Motorsports. The 2022 version of this survey is being conducted by Women in Motorsports North America, a not for profit organization, and The Spartan Motorsports Performance Laboratory at Michigan State University.

There is not much information on how racing fans view the women racers, the extent to which they support increased opportunities for women in racing, and/or just how women’s increased participation is expected to impact both the business and sport of auto racing.
  • The survey will take about 10 minutes of your time.
  • You can skip any question you do not wish to answer.
  • All of your answers will remain confidential and you will not be identified by your answers.
  • At the end of the survey if you wish to receive an autograph photo from Lyn St. James you can choose to provide your contact information.
  • Any questions may be directed to David P. Ferguson PhD FACSM CEP at

In 2005, the original online survey, was commissioned by the Lyn St. James Foundation and conducted by Prof. Butch Fennema and Prof. James Stephens, University of Indianapolis, and Don Sabo, Ph.D. D’Youville, College, with the primary goal is to understand race fans’ attitudes toward women in racing.

Participation highlights included the following and our goal is to broaden the reach through the advances in social media, etc. and our collective reach.

  • 1887 motorsports fans completed the survey; 74% males, 26% females
  • 95% or 1801 are US Citizens
  • 85% were between the ages of 20-57 (ranging between 8 and 84)
  • All 50 states were represented, as well as from 15 other countries
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