2023 Accelerate Her 3rd Place Winner Jennifer Hall is Starting her 2024 Season with a Bang


Racing at her home track, Tucson Speedway, Jen recently decided to take on a feat that few racers would attempt. A first for any racer at the Speedway, she competed in all the classes in one night. She ran this relay on Saturday, March 16th, running five cars in six main events, four heat races, and over 200 laps.

To complete this amazing feat, she and her crew had to pre-tech and stage all the cars. Jen told us that this process was smooth, and she has her “awesome pit crew” to thank for helping her make this happen. Their only issue came with the Hornet she raced when the driver side safety net got stuck in their rush. This necessitated her to crawl out the passenger side when it was time for her to jump into her next ride, the Thunder Truck!

The Relay in Order:

Racing the 57 Hornet, she started the heat in P2 and finished 1st. In the main event she started in P3 and finished 1st.

Next up was the 057 Hobby Stock where she started and finished the heat in P4. She started in P6 for the main event and finished 1st.






In the 57 Pro Stock, she qualified in 4th, started, and finished the heat in P4. She started P2 for the main event and finished P4.








After crawling out of the Pro Stock, she then hopped into the 57 Thunder Truck. She qualified 2nd, started the heat in P2, and finished P1. After starting the main event in P5, she finished the race in P4.








In her last car of the evening, the 57 Super Late Model, Jen qualified in P5. She started the first main event at P4 and finished P3 and then started the second main event at P4 and finished P5.








Jen told us, “It was a great night of racing! I raced every single main event that was held that evening. Jumping from one car into the other and immediately heading out onto the track. It was like a one-woman relay race.” Tucson Speedway track administrator Shelly McGriff said, “that in all her years at Tucson Speedway, she had never seen anyone run five divisions in one night, let alone a woman.”

Congratulations, Jennifer Hall, and her crew, on completing their one-woman relay with a fantastic night of racing! We wish you good luck this season as you compete in the 2024 Accelerate Her Contingency program.

Jennifer Hall- https://www.facebook.com/JHALLRACING
Tucson Speedway- https://www.tucsonspeedwayaz.com

For more information on the 2024 Accelerate Her Contingency Fund, please visit www.womeninmotorsportsna.com/AH


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