Women in Motorsports North America is a community of professional women and men devoted to supporting opportunities for women across all disciplines of motorsport by creating an inclusive, resourceful environment to foster mentorship, advocacy, education, and growth, thereby ensuring the continued strength and successful future of our sport. 


Officially founded in April 2022, Women in Motorsports North America is a official 501c3 not-for-profit organization.
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WIMNA partnered with Bosch for career workshops and networking opportunities:
Inside the Paddock: Electrify Your Career in Motorsport &
IMSA Battle on the Bricks.
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Lisa Boggs
Board Member

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EC Mueller
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Why WIMNA is Necessary:
In Our Co-Founder’s Words:

Lyn St. James

Most other sports have separate competitions for men and women, largely due to the physical strength required at the top levels of competition. In contrast, motorsports is open to men and women to compete equally. However, I believe motorsports as a whole has missed the opportunity to show the world our sport is gender-neutral. Now it’s time to do that!  

Don’t get me wrong, the growth of women competing in sports has grown significantly because of the efforts made over the last six decades – through programs such as Title IX. And individuals like Billie Jean King – who has championed for equality in sports since she beat Bobby Riggs on national television in 1973 (and has continued the fight by founding the Women Sports Foundation in 1974 and fought for equal pay for women in tennis at Wimbledon and other major tournaments, and more).

Women have been and are successful in all areas of motorsports, whether as drivers, crew members, or other professional roles within the industry. WIMNA exists because we want to celebrate the many women who are successful in the industry, and to find ways to gather the community of professional men and women together to help fuel the growth of women pursuing careers in motorsports through mentorship, and advocacy.

Join the list! Do your part to help the growth of the sport we all love!


Beth Paretta

While working for many years in the automotive and motorsports industries, there were times I was the only woman in the room or at the table. While those moments first felt like an achievement, I soon realized that it is incumbent upon all of us to not let that be the norm. Successful leaders and businesspeople know that collaboration and including diverse perspectives is a critical element for success. 

In racing, we strive to have diverse paddocks and teams made up of talented competitors which will, in turn, help us broaden our fan base. This audience growth will attract more participants and sponsor partners, thereby truly making motorsport for all. 

This growth through diversity must be done with deliberate and thoughtful action. It is important to note that this is not about taking someone else’s proverbial seat at the table; our success will come from building a longer table for all. We need our senior, experienced motorsport professionals working together to identify, train, and support new talent to populate our continual pipeline for our collective good: the future health of the sport we love and are privileged to make our living. 

Motorsport team members can enjoy long careers while many of the learned skills can translate to other industries. For this reason, it can and should be an attractive opportunity to many people and we hope WIMNA will introduce women to our sport and be a trusted resource throughout their careers. 

We have created WIMNA to unify our collective efforts, share best practices and be a resource for our members. I am proud to be working with Lyn and we are excited for what’s ahead. 

The strength of WIMNA is in its members: our experience, our knowledge, and our network. We all work hard. Now, let’s work together for a better future for all of motorsport. 

See you at the track! 


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