Woman on a mission: Angie Smith returns after season-altering wreck

After a top-end wreck in St. Louis , Pro Stock Motorcycle standout Angie Smith was all but counted out for the final races of 2023. However, with medical clearance and a plan to salvage the year, she was back on track in Las Vegas and doing all she could to keep a spot in the top 10.

The New Yorker: Ladies, Start Your Engines!

The Iron Dames, the champion four-woman team of European endurance racers (one of whom is barely old enough for a driver’s license), try their luck with New Jersey go-karts.

A Look Back at the Career of Shirley Muldowney, the First Lady of Drag Racing

Muldowney is a pioneer in motorsports and her story is one to behold in the racing world. The Vermont-born superstar had more than her fair share of adversity, making her accomplishments even sweeter. Younger generations may have difficulty comprehending how tough Muldowney’s path to success was. Women still face obstacles in motorsports, but they have an easier road thanks to Cha Cha.

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