Celebrating Women in Motorsports


Women continue to make invaluable contributions in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of motorsports, and their presence in the paddock only enriches and facilitates the rapid growth of the industry. SRO Motorsports America proudly joins the chorus in acknowledging the importance of women in every facet of motorsports, both on and off-track.

SRO Motorsports America is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where women are not only welcomed but encouraged to thrive, and aims to provide opportunities for women to grow their passion for motorsports and pursue a wide variety of careers in the industry.

The significance of women in motorsports extends far beyond the racetrack. They serve as role models and inspirations for people around the globe, demonstrating that with perseverance and dedication, anything is possible. SRO Motorsports America is proud to support the women competing across all series, as their presence not only enhances the diversity of the sport but also contributes to its continued evolution.

Spectators and audiences will be able to cheer on female drivers across every SRO Motorsports America championship this season, with Samantha Tan pulling double duty to compete in both the Fanatec GT World Challenge America Powered by AWS and GT America Powered by AWS championships. Pirelli GT4 America will feature the Heart of Racing Team powerhouse duo of Hannah Grisham and Hannah Greenemeier. Sally McNulty will be returning to the TC America Powered by Skip Barber Racing School championship, with young rising talent Maddy Lemke also set to begin her inaugural full season campaign.

There is a significant amount of important work being done off-track as well that contributes to the success of racing teams. Figures like Rossella Manfrinato, lead engineer at SKI Autosport, and Erin Gahagan, General Manager at DXDT Racing, exemplify the vital roles women play within these teams. Manfrinato’s expertise as an engineer has been imperative in the team’s ability to score wins on track, showcasing her technical knowledge and application, and ability to elevate the team’s performance to the next level. Meanwhile, Gahagan’s leadership as a General Manager highlights the managerial acumen and strategic vision that women bring to the forefront of racing operations. Their presence not only enriches the racing community but also fosters innovation and success both on and off the track.

Moreover, women bring a unique perspective and skill set to the table, enriching the sport with fresh ideas and innovative approaches. Women are at the heart of every level of the SRO Motorsports America organization, playing integral roles in marketing, tech, management, partnerships, team relations, logistics, engineering, broadcasting, and more, further driving the success of teams and championships across the board.

Female emergency medical technicians, like Tracy Sanderson, play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of drivers, staff, and spectators throughout the entirety of racing events. With their expertise in the field, they are able to swiftly respond to any incidents that may occur on track over the course of a race weekend. They enhance the overall effectiveness of emergency response efforts, and through their dedication, skill, and professionalism, female EMTs contribute significantly to maintaining a safe environment at SRO Motorsports America events. This is vital in order to allow participants to compete with full confidence, and spectators can enjoy the thrill of racing with peace of mind.

There is also a notable presence of female public relations representatives who manage digital marketing and public relations for racing teams competing across SRO Motorsports America’s multiple championships. They not only shape and oversee the communication strategies of these teams, but their work also directly impacts and heightens the level of engagement amongst fans, positively impacting the series as a whole and contributing to SRO Motorsports America’s increased global reach.

Staci Langham, as General Manager, and Kenzie Manning, Team Relations, epitomize the invaluable contributions that women make to SRO Motorsports America, and are responsible for overseeing and implementing the highest operational standards week in and week out. Langham’s leadership as General Manager exemplifies her organizational prowess, and has fostered a culture of excellence within the organization. Manning’s role in Team Relations displays her ability to build strong relationships and facilitate effective communication between teams, drivers, and event organizers. Both Langham and Manning are highly dedicated individuals that bring the utmost professionalism into everything they do.

The Marketing team powerhouse of Natasha Masterson, Senior Marketing Manager and Partner Relations, Taylor Bedell, Marketing Communications Manager, Éliane Gilain, Press Officer, and Cassidy Charette, Media Writer, have made a profound impact on the organization’s promotional efforts, brand partnerships, and social media presence. Bedell’s talents in digital marketing ensure clear and compelling messaging to engage audiences and enhance the visibility of all championships. Comparatively, Masterson spearheads and facilitates strong collaborations and fosters mutually beneficial relationships within the industry. Gilain’s role as Press Officer facilitates effective media relations across the continent, ensuring accurate and timely coverage of all SRO Motorsports America’s events and announcements, while Charette’s contribution as a Media Writer adds depth and storytelling to the organization’s content, captivating audiences and providing behind-the-scenes access into the world of racing. Together, they bring unparalleled creativity, innovation, and strategic insight to the marketing initiatives of SRO Motorsports America, driving growth and fostering a vibrant community of fans, sponsors, and stakeholders.

Women’s involvement on the broadcast level is also both prominent and impactful. With Amanda Busick serving as the on-site pit lane reporter, her expertise and insightful commentary add depth to the live racing coverage, offering viewers unique input from the heart of the action. Additionally, Twitch streamer Ash Vandelay brings a fresh and dynamic approach, engaging a broader audience through highly interactive and immersive platforms on a global scale. Together, these women positively enhance the fan experience and provide diverse perspectives.

As SRO Motorsports America will always celebrate and champion women in sports, and the organization is committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive future for all. By breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes, and championing diversity, we can ensure that the next generation of aspiring female racers and industry professionals have the support and opportunities they need to succeed.

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